Case Studies

May 19, 2015

Wharf St

When the Wharf St. dining precinct and arts venue in the heart of the Tauranga CBD was launched in 2015, Rutherford Signs was an integral part of bringing Mainstreet Tauranga’s vision to life.

Rutherford Signs produced 10 tables, 20 seats, two chairs, a sofa and stage, as well as direction signs and history panels for the precinct. Everything was designed to create an atmosphere, “it’s wharfy and old”. The precinct saw the road reduced to a single lane for traffic and pedestrian areas enlivened with themed furniture, a stage, and signs divulging local history. Keeping in heritage tone, much of the wood for the custom-made furniture is old railway sleepers from the Matapihi railway bridge.

Rutherford Signs completed work on the Wharf St. launch project at no cost.

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