How we came to be expert signwriters.


Paul Rutherford started Rutherford Signs in 1974 meaning we have no shortage on experience. Don’t think we’re living in the past though, we run a fast-paced, high-tech organisation. We enjoy pushing the signage boundaries and live for the not-so-ordinary signage, that allows us to get creative and use our problem solving skills. We are proud to produce outstanding local service, quality, and price. What sets us apart is that we are with you every step of the way - from the initial discussion and the design process right through to the finished product.

With 90% of our production completed inhouse, we only use advanced printers and modern machinery to produce only the highest quality signage. We get great satisfaction working with new materials and technology to create unique signage finishes, such as LED lighting and brushed aluminium. With our team completing all signage installation ourselves, we insist on complying with only the latest health and safety regulations and installation practices, to ensure a great job done right. Our organisation also uses modern software and apps for project management and health and safety procedure management, allowing us to work efficiently and safely.


Our Process



We are approached by a business or agency to undertake a signage project. A strong brief and often conceptual drawings have already been produced at this point. We conduct site surveys, start planning and begin consent procedures if required.


Although conceptual drawings are often already completed, once looked at from a practical level, a lot of concepting and creativity can be required to bring a business or agencies’ vision to life. We may produce a number of drawings, offer a number of production options, and a number of colour and material samples may be reviewed.



Once the concept and budget has been agreed upon, we crack on with getting the signage produced. Only 10% of our signage is completed else where with the large majority of production completed inhouse by our skilled team.



The final step is the install completed by our certified and qualified team. Health and safety regulations play an enormous role in signage installation as often it is completed at height and may require areas to be closed off from the public.